About Grabtruck

Grab Truck Ltd is an Auckland based business that can service your waste removal requirements.

We can collect a large variety of waste including soils, concrete, mixed builders/demolition waste, green waste, even large items such as fridges and car bodies.

We have a large capacity tipper truck with a hydraulic grab arm attached which is suited to large, bulky or loose loads. This allows us to load up large amounts of waste quickly without the need of hiring extra machinery or the hiring and loading of a skip or hook bin.

We operate 7 days a week and can accommodate anyone from Councils, Builders to the Home Handyman clearing his section.

Just pile your waste in a heap and well “GRAB IT”


  • Isuzu FVZ1400
  • 6×4
  • Automatic


  • AMCO 815-3S with 11.5m reach
  • Kinshofer clamshell grab
  • Can operate as a grab or standard knuckle boom crane


  • Scott Hay
  • Grab Truck Ltd
  • PO Box 334015, Sunnynook 0743, Auckland

We operate throughout the entire North Island.  Contact us with any query, we’ll respond withing 24 hours.  Use the contact form, and send us any images of the heap you’d like us to grab.

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